NIPPURA produces highly transparent and extremely strong Acrylic Panels. Using proprietary methods we form, bond, join, color, stabilize, and blow amazing panels for the Aquarium Industry. Our core values: Transparency, Durability, & Safety. Methodology and technical prowess forged by years of development has allowed us to create other acrylic products such as ultra faithful projection screens, acoustic noise shield panels, enormous Sea-Walls, and even fantastical art sculpture pieces.


Our unique casting method involves the production of relatively thin, 30-40mm thick panels in very high quality and productive yields. We finely process and cast them together to form panels over 750mm thick. Regardless of the angle of the viewer, NIPPURA Aqua Walls provide pure, clear views only possible with our unique technology.

Exact casting, thickness control, and polishing technique underpin our success, while innovation in proprietary tools and machinery keep us aways pushing forward with increases in productivity and competitiveness.

Site Chemical Bonding Technology developed to succeed in even extreme construction site conditions allows our Site Technicians to confidently create the world’s next largest panel and most complicated configurations.

We have cultivated over the years very dependable and respected waterproofing and sealing products that are trusted by Aquariums worldwide to keep the inhabitants healthy, the building structure sound, and maintenance running costs nearly zero.

NIPPURA is known in the industry for its comprehensive solutions and clearest views, as well as its products safety and reliability.

Layers of acrylic panels
Installation Record:Chimelong Ocean Kingdom


As Aquariums have become larger and larger, the need for panels with exacting quality has become more and more vital. For most Aquariums, it is impossible to replace the panels once the Aquarium construction has been completed. Therefore our production specifications and quality is geared to meeting the life of the aquarium building.

One of our unique characteristics is that whether domestically or internationally, we only use our own factory technicians for all aspects of production and installation.

Safely handling & placing several hundred tons pieces of acrylic, waterproofing and protecting football field sized concrete tanks from leakage and corrosion, and sealing the entire system into a vessel that loses not even a drop of water, are all made possible by the skills and the discipline of NIPPURA Factory Technicians.

Construction Site Tank Waterproofing with Sumilining
Construction Site Acrylic Panel Chemical Bonding


Aquariums produced by NIPPURA are relaxing, adventurous and informative spaces, where accidents should never occur. As aquariums become larger, aquarium panels must be uniformly strong, durable and stable to safely hold thousands of tons of water for decades.

We strive to maintain safety by making full use of the know-how that’s been cultivated over many years by always advancing technical capabilities.

One of the factors supporting our safety is our heat treatment annealing technology that further increases the strength of the molecular bonds and purity of the casts. This treatment technology also increases the total light transmittance for even clearer views.

When bonding is performed during on-site construction, annealing treatment is similarly performed while being monitored 24 hours a day. Although this process takes a long time, it is essential because we strive for the highest viewing clarity and the utmost strength for safety.