Our majority share of the Global Aquarium Acrylic Window market, has been achieved by successfully delivering our products to Aquariums in over 60 countries. We continue to evolve our products for our Clients; turning inspirations into reality, though the "technical power" of our skilled craftsmen, and our "passionate power" to never take a break from improving & creating.

From its founding to producing the World's first cylindrical migratory aquarium.


NIPPURA Co.Ltd established in Takamatsu, Kagawa with 1,000,000 Yen.

Founder Tetsuhiro: "I don't want to be a producer, I want to be a maker of one product at a time."


Delivering the World's first giant migratory acrylic tank at the mountain top Yashima Aquarium.

"Can you make a 360 degree Aquarium in a never before seen size?" was a developer’s question that launched NIPPURA into its (and the world’s) first major Aquarium Project. At that time limited size glass aquariums were the norm. Though, there were what seemed unsurmountable technical issues with making such large, thick panels with perfect transparency, we were able to successfully create the first aquarium large acrylic panel with a thickness a 72mmt (3")


NIPPURA Marine Equipment Established

Marine Equipment was founded offering complete Aquarium design, production and construction to the Japan Aquarium Market.


NIPPURA moves its Headquarter to Mure, Kagawa Japan, and renames the company to NIPPURA Marine Equipment


The two companies combinded to form NIPPURA Marine Equipment

Expanded Globally


NIPPURA enters the Asian Market


NIPPURA opens new production factory in Shido, Kagawa


Increased Capital to 40 Million Yen


Creating of North American Liaison Office


Successfully Completed the Monterey Bay Aquarium Renovation Project

1994 NIPPURA introduces its technologies to the Americas, wins a competive bid at the Monterey Bay Aquarium in the USA to produce all the panels/tanks in the new wing and create a giant panel several times larger and thicker than the world had ever seen or imagined. The success of this Outer Bay View Panel was the first step in NIPPURA entering the worldwide market, and this Outer Bay Main AQUA-WALL and the other NIPPURA Kriesel Tanks at the Monterey Bay Aquarium are still today considered the clearest and most harmonious views ever presented.


NIPPURA increases its Capital by 80 Million Yen


NIPPURA Marine abbreviates its name to just NIPPURA.


US NIPPURA INC is established.


Transfers Office to US NIPPURA Inc


NIPPURA creates a new Headquarters and Main Factory in Miki Kagawa.

World's Largest Acrylic Panel is Created

From 2003 to the present

Developes Rear Projection Screens Blue Ocean

NIPPURA develops Blue Ocean Projection Screens, now renown worldwide for the largest rigid rear projection screens, sandwiched in the center panel of the most transparent acrylic ever, providing rich depth, contrast and amazingly harness the full potential of HD Content and ever progressing projector technologies and resolution.


NIPPURA creates a new factory in OkinawaNIPPURA achieves its 1st Guinness World Record for the largest panel in the World at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium (Dimensions: W22.5m×H8.2m×T60cm)

Creating an Acrylic Panel capable of containing 750 tons ofwater with no columns or interuptions, sparked a wildfire of new ideas and designs in the Aquarium Industry.


Okinawa Factory opens and production begins.


Wins the Prime Minister's Manufacturer's Excellence Award


NIPPURA takes over operation of the Yashima Aquarium and is also selected nationally as one of the top companies amongst Japan's Best 300 Companies.


NIPPURA achieves its 2nd Guinness World Record for the largest panel in the World at the Dubai Mall (Dimensions: W33m×H8.3m×T75cm)


NIPPURA creates a new factory in Kobe Port Island.


NIPPURA open a Korean Branch Office.


NIPPURA achieves 5 additional Guinness World Records including one for the largest panel in the World amongst other categories at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom (Main Panel Dimensions: W39.6m×H8.3m×T65cm)

Selected for Japan's Global Niche Top Companies Selection 100.


NIPPURA breaks the record again and completes the world largest aquarium (Water Volume of 75,351t) including the largest tank (Water Volume of 56,450t) installing several largest scale panels in the World at the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom with the Main Panel of (Dimensions: 46.2m×H8.3×T73.5cm)

On December 1st the company name was changed from the Japanese phonetic letters to the english letters: NIPPURA.